STEAM Education
李锐 Rui Li
Rui Li graduated from the Capital Normal University with a major in Computer Science. She has extensive experience in teaching information technology, coaching students in related competitions, as well as authoring and publishing curricular materials on this subject for middle school students. Currently the Director of the Beijing Bayi School Information Technology Center, Ms Li’s research interests lie in STEM+ education, and she has also published extensively on this subject in various journals. She is also the lead teacher of the Bayi Youth Satellite project.
Natalie Rusk
薛妙伶女士是麻省理工大学媒体实验室的Lifelong Kindergraten研究组的科学家,专注在研发创新教育科技。她是Scratch项目的主开发人员。Scratch是一个基于图像的编程语言,旨在让年轻人发挥创意,设计并通过编程创作各种项目,包括可以互动的动画,游戏等等。她也是麻省理工大学媒体实验室一门线上课程, Learning Creative Learning (学习创意学习)的主导人。
在1993年的时候,薛妙伶女士发起了Computer Clubhouse,一个课外创客空间,现在已经在超过20个国家,10个地点有分站。
Natalie Rusk works as a Research Scientist in the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Laboratory developing creative learning technologies. She is a lead developer of Scratch, a graphical programming language that enables young people to design and code interactive animations, games, and other creative projects. She is one of the leaders of the MIT Media Lab online course, Learning Creative Learning.
In 1993, she started a model after-school program called the Computer Clubhouse, which now has 100 sites in 20 countries.
Andrew Sliwinski
Andrew Sliwinski先生是麻省理工大学媒体实验室的Lifelong Kindergraten研究组的科学家,他的研究方向为教育,创意及科技。Andrew Sliwinski先生的其中一个研究项目为Scratch。Scratch是一个面向孩子,让孩子通过编程表达创意的线上编程社区。他是该项目的主设计师和主工程师。在加入麻省理工大学之前,他是儿童线上学习社区DIY.org的始创人之一。
作为一个设计师及工程师,Andrew Sliwinski先生曾服务于多个机构,包括Google,乐高,通用电气,惠普,丰田,Ghostly International,阿斯彭研究所,Code for America。 他的作品曾在芝加哥的Museum of Science & Industry,纽约的现代艺术博物馆和卡内基大厅展出。他的文章亦曾被刊登在《连线》杂志,《纽约时报》和《快公司》杂志。
Andrew Sliwinski is a Research Scientist with the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. His research focuses on the intersection between learning, creativity, and technology.
Among his active research projects is Scratch where he serves as Design and Engineering Lead – an online community and tool for kids to explore their creativity through computing which reaches over one hundred million children every year. Prior to joining MIT, Andrew co-founded the learning community for kids.
As a designer and engineer, Andrew has worked with various organizations during his career including: Google, LEGO, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Toyota, Ghostly International, The Aspen Institute, and Code for America. His work as a creative technologist has been displayed in The Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago, The Museum of Modern Art in New York, and Carnegie Hall. His work has been profiled by Wired, The New York Times, and Fast Company.
孙海虹 Haihong Sun
在创立The Youth Innovation Academy 之前,孙海虹女士分别担任国际设计创新咨询公司指南设计的总经理, Continuum设计创新咨询公司的中国区总经理,以及国际投行瑞士信贷集团(Credit Suisse Group)纽约客户和技术部门的首席运营官(COO)。
孙海虹毕业于麻省理工斯隆商学院(MIT Sloan School of Management),持有其工商管理硕士(MBA) 学位,她还拥有美国罗彻斯特理工大学(Rochester Institute of Technology) 信息管理系硕士学位, 北京大学东方语言文化系学士学位。 孙海虹女士有三个孩子,分别为十岁,六岁和七个月。他/她们都对动手探索和创造创新深度痴迷。
Ms. Haihong Sun is an innovation strategy and design thinking expert with over 18 years of professional experience in both US and China.
Before launching the Youth Innovation Academy in China, Ms. Sun was the General Manager for Continuum Innovation Consulting’s China Office and S.Point Design based in Shanghai. She was previously the COO of Banking & Client IT Department for Investment Bank Credit Suisse Group, based in New York City.
Ms. Sun holds an MBA degree from MIT Sloan School of Management, an MS degree in Information Systems from Rochester Institute of Technology and a BA from Oriental Studies Department at Peking University. Ms. Sun has three children at 10, 6 years and 7 months of age. They are all deeply addicted to hands-on creativity.
徐依菲 Yifei Xu
徐依菲,北京市八一学校国际部学生。热爱科学,曾获海淀区、北京市科技节奖项。在学校创立了Science Enrichment社团,社团活动以做物理、化学实验为主题。在“八一·少年行”卫星项目中担任过小组总设计师、电源分系统组组长。
Yifei Xu is a student from the Beijing Bayi School. With a passion in science, she has won various science and technology related awards. Yifei has also founded the Science Enrichment club at her school, a club focusing on doing hands-on physics and chemistry experiments. She is also the chief designer and the leader of the power system group in the Bayi Youth Satellite project.