Rural Education
何江 Jiang He
何江,哈佛大学生物物理和生物化学博士。首位在哈佛毕业典礼登台演讲的华人学生代表,福布斯杂志30位30岁以下医疗健康领域青年俊杰,2017年入选美国顶尖智库Aspen Insititute阿斯彭研究院阿斯彭思想节聚焦健康方面学者
Jiang He obtained his Ph.D. degree in biophysics and biochemistry. Jiang’s achievements have been recognized by being listed on Forbes 30 under 30 in healthcare, 2017, which recognizes the highly innovative “game-changers” in the field. He is also chosen as the Spotlight Health Scholar at Aspen Ideas Festival by Aspen Institute in 2017, among a diverse group of 300 leaders from
all over the United States and 30 different countries. He is also known as the first Chinese student to deliver a commencement speech at Harvard.
王国光 Guoguang Wang
Wang Guoguang was born in 1971 and grew up in a poor village in Southwest China. From a young age he loved to read and hoped someday to become a teacher. After completing teachers college, he returned to his hometown in Shidian County of the Yunnan Province. Since returning he has dedicated 25 years to working in the area, relying upon his passion for rural education. In his time working as an educator, he has worked as a Head Teacher, the head of an educational research study group, Director of teacher training, Assistant Principal, and he is currently serving as the principal of the Shui Chang Central School in Yunnan – in this position he is in charge of managing education in Shui Chang County.
王小平 Xiaoping Wang
Wang Xiaoping is Vice-Secretary General for Brooks (Tian Xia Xi) and is in charge of creating and managing teaching materials for the organization. From 2005 she has managed the creation and dissemination of materials to rural communities. She personally has worked on 7 types of localized education programs that are being used by students which included the creation of 3 handbooks. She has served as head of the 3rd and 4th Annual Symposium for Creating Localized Cultural Preservation Programs for Rural Communities. She has lead many trainings for teachers and has become very familiar with theories and methods for creating curriculum and teaching materials. She is dedicated to helping manage programs across the country to preserve culture, and is working to bring these programs to a greater number of classrooms.
章瑾 Jin Zhang
Jin Zhang, founder & chairman of Youwei library, MPhil from land economy department, Cambridge University, UK. After a decade’s work in finance, she became concerned with the sleepy core of hometown, Sanmen. She founded a grass-root community library to enliven her home town and brings the non-profit values to the locals. Five years later, 4% of the local residents are regular readers and over 1000 volunteers support daily operation of Youwei library. A library began a revitalization that would bring this little town back to life.
郑洪 Hong Zheng
郑洪,蒲公英学校联合创始人兼校长。蒲公英学校使命是为北京的外来务工人员子女提供一个健康,快乐,和丰富的学习环境。蒲公英学校于2005年在北京的南部郊区成立。在北京当地政府的支持下,蒲公英学校成为中国第一个非盈利公益中学,致力于满足北京外来学生的教育需求。目前拥有近630名学生,蒲公英学校为外来务工人员子女提供传统的初中教育,以及职业技能的培训, 毕业生能够按照自己的意愿去选择是继续读高中或是踏上工作岗位。
With the mission to provide a healthy, happy, and enriching learning environment for Beijing’s migrant children, Ms.Hong Zheng founded the Dandelion School in 2005 in Beijing’s southern suburbs. Endorsed by the local government of Beijing, the Dandelion School is China’s first not-for-profit, public welfare middle school devoted to meeting the educational needs of Beijing’s migrant students. Currently home to nearly 630 students, the Dandelion School has been providing migrant children with both a traditional junior high education, along with trainings on vocational skills. Such initiative enables graduates to either further pursue their academic goals at the senior high level or to explore a potential career path based on their will.