Civic Education
Louise Dubé
Louise Dubé是iCivics公民教育平台的执行总监。在她任职期间,iCivics赢得了MacArthur基金会颁发的创意与高效奖。从90年代开始,Louise成立了CASES机构, 通过监外教养的教育项目改变青少年的人生。她致力于确保每个孩子都能够积极地参与到公民责任及生活当中。Louise曾是WGBH(麻省的一个公共广播站)的数字化学习管理总局并成功领导了组织的成长 ,该平台有多达一百五十万的参与者。此前,路易丝曾任Pougha Tools总裁,该公司是由Houghton Mifflin成功收购的教育软件创业公司。
Louise Dubé serves as the Executive Director of iCivics. During her tenure, iCivics won the MacArthur Foundation’s Award for Creative and Effective Institutions. Louise discovered the power of education in the early 1990’s as a co-founder of CASES, a New York alternative-to-incarceration program where education helped re-shape lives. Inspired by a deep commitment to learning, she has devoted her career to ensuring that all students are prepared for active and thoughtful citizenship and life.
葛旭 Ge Xu
Ge Xu, a graduate of the History Department at Peking University, is the co-founder of Zhuomo Culture Communication, and directs for the company the western humanities educational program Lonely Reader. Ge Xu’s entry point for online education lies in his practical solutions for the two major ills of the existing online courses. These are “the curse of knowledge”, which is how a lack of familiarity with academic language and study skills prevents students from fully benefitting from their online course, and “the potential threat to the sacred mission of education”, which is how online education courses have to balance earning money and fulfilling their educational mission. Ge Xu specializes in applying modern and ancient pedagogical theories to team structure, curriculum product design, and course branding.
Robert Selman
Robert Selman是教育学院教授,于1992年在此建立了预防科学和实践计划。他是哈佛医学院精神病学系心理学教授。他从事基础研究,并重点关注儿童和青少年如何发展社会意识和公民参与能力,并将研究重点放在减少心理健康风险的方法上 。 目前,他从事基于实践的研究,研究从幼儿园到高中阶段的人际关系,群体间和公民意识的发展。他目前的工作包括设计促进中英文双语学前教育方案的社会和情感发展的方法;促进儿童了解在小学和文化课程背景下与不同背景的人交往的方式。
Robert Selman, the Roy E. Larsen Professor of Education and Human Development at HGSE, founded the Prevention Science and Practice Program there in 1992. At the Harvard Medical School, he is professor of psychology in the Department of Psychiatry.
Selman has engaged in basic research focused on how children and youth develop social awareness and civic engagement competencies, and applied research focused on ways to reduce risks to their mental health and wellness. His current work includes the design of approaches that promote social and emotional development in bilingual preschool programs; the promotion of children’s understanding of ways to get along with others from different backgrounds in the context of literacy and language arts curricula at the elementary level; in school-based programs designed to coordinate support and prevention services for students at the middle grade level ; and in the social studies, literature, and history curricula at the junior and senior high school levels.
檀传宝 Tan Chuanbao
Dr. Tan Chuanbao is a Professor of the Faculty of Education and the Director of the Centre for Citizenship and Moral Education (CCME) at Beijing Normal University. Dr. Tan’s research has primarily focused on moral education, citizenship education and teacher ethics. He has published about two hundred academic journals and reviews and ten books in his field of expertise. Professor Tan received his PhD from Nanjing Normal University, and completed his Post-doctoral study at Beijing Normal University. He had been a visiting scholar, professor and researcher at University of Wisconsin-Madison, Institute of Education at London University, and Naruto University of Education.