China Education Symposium 2019

2019哈佛中国教育论坛年度峰会将于2019年4月13日至4月14日哈佛大学(Cambridge, Massachusetts)举行。本届峰会主题为“教育,看见更大的世界”。届时将有来自海内外的知名学者、教育实践者、政策制定者及各界人士作为嘉宾出席会议,并就国际高等教育、儿童早期教育、STEAM教育、农村教育、多元教育、心理健康教育等主题开展讨论。论坛观众包括身处哈佛大学、麻省理工学院等美国高校且对中国教育怀有浓厚兴趣的学生、学者,以及来自海内外的教育实践者等四百余人。论坛还将通过网络现场直播及视频录播,向海内外关心中国教育的各界人士传达最前沿的教育思想。

哈佛中国教育论坛是于2010年在哈佛大学教育学院注册成立并由学院官方认可的学生组织。作为北美高校中聚焦中国教育最早发端、最负盛名的活动,一年一度的论坛旨在推动教育思想的国际间交流,促进中国的教育改革。论坛全程由哈佛大学各学院和波士顿地区各院校中对中国教育怀有热忱与理想的学生和学者筹办。历届嘉宾包括:澳大利亚前总理陆克文(Kevin Rudd),哈佛大学文理学院前院长、哈佛大学费正清中国研究中心前所长柯伟林(William Kirby),哈佛大学教授、汉学研究专家、《邓小平时代》作者傅高义(Ezra Vogel),民进中央副主席、中国教育学会第八届理事会学术委员会顾问朱永新,昆山杜克大学前校长刘经南,哈佛大学教授、“多元智能理论”创始人霍华德·加德纳(Howard Gardner)等。

This year, China Education Symposium will take place on April 13th and 14th, 2019 at Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts). Our theme is “Education: discovering a world of new possibilities.” Top scholars, practitioners, and policymakers in the field of education all around the world will discuss in the following six panels: Diversity and Inclusion in Education, Early Childhood Education, International Higher Education, Resilience and Wellbeing, Rural Education, and STEAM and Innovative Learning. Our four hundred attendees will be formed by students and scholars from Harvard, MIT, and other top universities as well as from research institutions and educational organizations in the United States and China. The conference will also be broadcasted live and recorded to reach a broad audience worldwide.

China Education Symposium was established in 2010 by Harvard students and officially recognized by Harvard Graduate School of Education. As the earliest and the most well-known symposium on Chinese education in the U.S., our event gathers educational practitioners, researchers, and policymakers around the world to present progress, share ideas, and ignite enthusiasm in various topics related to Chinese education. We were fortunate to hear from many great speakers in the past, including former Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd; Harvard University professor, former Dean of the Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences, William Kirby; Harvard University professor, author of Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China, Ezra Vogel; Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party, Zhu Yongxin; former Chancellor of Duke Kunshan University, Liu Jingnan; Harvard University professor, creator of Multiple Intelligences theory, Howard Gardner; etc.


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Overview of China Education Symposium at the Harvard Graduate School of Education


论坛往届嘉宾包括:澳大利亚前总理陆克文,哈佛商学院教授,哈佛大学文理学院前院长William Kirby,哈佛大学费正清中国研究院主任欧立德、《邓小平时代》作者傅高义,民进中央副主席朱永新,“多元智能理论”的创始人Howard Gardner,等等。

The China Education Symposium was founded in 2010 by students at Harvard and has been officially recognized by the Harvard Graduate School of Education ever since. The purpose and aim of the symposium is to provide a platform for students, scholars, policy makers and frontline practitioners to come together, discuss, and support the development of education in the Greater China region. Currently, we have more than 2000 members domestically and internationally and 8000 followers on social media. Our organization particularly attracts those who are passionate about and are committed to making a difference in the current educational landscape of Greater China.

Past guests and speakers at the China Education Symposium include: former Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd; Harvard University Professor and Author of Deng Xiao Ping and the Transformation of China, Ezra Vogel; Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party, Zhu Yongxin; Harvard Professor and Creator of the “Theory of Multiple Intelligences”, Howard Gardener; as well as many other famous scholars and policy makers.

Our Mission.


Inspire diverse conversations with practitioners, policy-makers and researchers about China’s Educational problems.


Innovate solutions to the most crucial problems in China’s education.


Influence the future leaders of China’s education.

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